Since its creation GEC has built and piloted the following case :


– Strategic study and economic efficiency,
– Realization of transformation plan,
– Structuring, organizing and preparing the management of a major international program.



GEC Consulting has key skills and acquired experience.


The founder and president of the company has extensive experience in the defense sector.

He has held COO and CTO functions in audit and quality, engineering, building, programs management and entities management.


Listen to the Client

Fulfillment of the commitment

Adptability and pragmatism

Collaboration and team spirit


The team is composed of the best skills and adapts to the needs of the Clients.

Gilbert Eustache


Gilbert Eustache has a complete career in the defense naval with an expertise in the organizations and program management.

His career as an engineer began with the defense equipments manufacturers, and then he quickly joined the naval sector and the submarine. He spent several years to studies, building and testing before leading an contract of definition of new program.

Then, he joins activity of the Services and the leading of the operations before directing industrials transformations projects and leading the construction of a new site “systems” and directing it.

In 2017, he founded GEC Consulting, whose business are based on the skills and on the experience gained during his career.

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Société GEC Conseils 208 rue de Vaugirard 75015 Paris

GEC Conseils has been in Paris since 1th August 2019


+33 (0)1 43 70 78 70

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+33 (0)6 60 70 23 36

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gec@emc2-conseils.com. g.eustachegec@emc2-conseils.com


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